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Vendome is a leading manufacturer of food and confectionery processing equipment. This equipment includes kettles, cookers, pots, columns, condensers, heat exchangers, tanks, reactors and other components fabricated from nickel, stainless steel, copper and other ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Vendome has also repaired, refurbished, and manufactured new candy process equipment for many confectionery customers. This equipment includes Hansella, Otto Hansel, Bosch, Harris, and many others. We commonly use over one million pounds of stainless annually.

Our equipment meets FDA requirements, including the agency's 3A standard for sanitation. Typical of the many projects performed by our master craftsmen is the fabrication of all copper caramel/chocolate cookers with stainless steel agitators, support stands and thermal insulation for a large cookie manufacturer. We also refurbish existing equipment in our in-house facilities and provide field repair and installation services.


These refurbished 48(in) diameter milk evaporator pans, made of copper, are typical of Vendome's refurbishing capabilities.